Gelec was born in 2001, developing its activity in the electricity and telecommunications sector. Offering since then a comprehensive service based on the quality, professionalism and seriousness of our services.

During all this time, Gelec Electricidad has been a company in constant growth and development. Adapting to market demands and very aware of technological advances in order to always guarantee the best value for money.

In our desire to retain our clients, we adapt our budgets to the needs of each one of them, but always maintaining the quality of the facilities. This has been our base since the beginning of the activity.

Our customers

We are a company with extensive experience that throughout the 20 years of existence we have carried out electrical installations in bakeries, industries, hospitals, offices of banks and private entities, public lighting, multipurpose buildings and homes.

Among our clients, we can highlight prestigious companies such as Caixabank, BBVA, San Brandan, etc.


Horno San Brandan